“Why Not Me?” (Effort) (#9)

Man looking at sky.
“Wow, that person seems like such a natural, I’d never be able to achieve that!”


If the above quote sounds familiar to you, no worries. In fact, the person writing this article has also feel victim to these thoughts on numerous occasion. While it’s easy to get visual overwhelmed at the sight of someone’s progress, we often slip into the trap of disregarding the hard work these people put in on a consistent basis. Today I’d like to challenge your thinking from “how did they?” to “why not me?”


Remember: The people who are in incredible shape weren’t born that way. 


I’m a firm believer that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but rather focus our attention on becoming the strongest version of ourselves. Asking ourselves “why not me?” immediately shifts the focus to our personal potential.


It’s impossible to live up to someone else’s standards, so why not have fun and live up to your own?


For instance, instead of :


How in the world will I ever be able to lose 10 lbs as quickly as Laura did!?


How about:


“What’s stopping me from putting forth my own best effort like Laura and seeing what happens?”


One common denominator of success that I’ve noticed is that success begins with something each of us can control – our effort. Focusing on your best effort, rather than the result, enables you to realize you have less control over the results as you think.


Thankfully, having this type of process-mindset keeps you from comparing yourself with others and redirects your attention back to your progress.


So, if the first step towards your health and fitness goal is something that you can control (your effort), then why not you?


Key Takeaways:

  • Challenge your mindset by simply asking, “Why not me?”
  • Our attention should be on becoming the best version of ourselves
  • Achieving our fitness goals begin with something you can control – your personal effort.

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