Fitness Opinion

Fitness Opinion discusses my opinion on if working out in shorts at the gym is necessary for a good workout. Turns out that I tend to have a bit of a contrarian unpopular fitness opinion on this one. Leave a comment below on whether or not you agree or disagree on this fitness opinion!

Hypertrophy Explained

Hypertrophy Explained (muscle growth) goes into detail on how muscle grows with resistance training. Today’s video also equips you with key tips to ensure your long-term hypertrophy. No matter where you’re at one your fitness journey, you’re well equipped with hypertrophy explained properly.

Tips For Getting Back In The Gym

Tips For Getting Back In The Gym are for those who are ready to make a change of direction in the fitness lives! Today’s video provides step-by-step tips for getting back in the gym after taking time off. The first place to start is figuring out the type of person you want to be. These motivation tips for getting back in the gym will equip with lifelong tools along your fitness journey!

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Recovery

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness recovery is something that all weight lifters need to be aware of after lifting weights. Today’s video goes into why delayed onset muscle soreness recovery is important and how our it helps our muscles grow following a workout. I also address another common question “should I workout while feeling sore”.

Outdoor Exercise Ideas

Outdoor Exercise Ideas are for those looking for exercise gym alternatives as apart of their daily lifestyles. Coming up with outdoor exercise ideas is easy and fun to do because there’s literally something for everyone! See if any of these outdoor exercise ideas are you!

“What Should I Eat Before Gym”?

“What Should I Eat Before Gym” is a common question asked by many active people. Because our body uses what we eat as fuel, loading on the right things to eat before the gym can make or break your workout. Today we’ll go over the best types of food to use as “pre-workout” – or if you should even eat before the gym at all!

Fitness Journey Tips

Fitness Journey Tips and habits to build upon your fitness journey! The reason most fail or don’t reach their goals on their fitness journey is mainly due to a lack of fundamentals. Today I provide 3 Fitness Journey Tips that will help you to reach your fitness goals.


“Drink More Water” Habit #1:



“Portion Size Control” Habit #2:



“Start Off Small” Habit #3:


“Why Is It Hard For Me To Lose Weight?”

“Why Is It Hard For Me To Lose Weight” is a question many of us find ourselves asking after failing to lose weight over time. Though there are various reasons why it’s hard to lose weight, today’s video goes over two common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight. Fixing these two common mistakes is the first step in conquering this ongoing battle to lose weight.

2020 Fitness Goals

2020 Fitness Goals goes over the key to starting off 2020 New Year with a BANG! Today’s video goes over how to set, maintain, and achieve your 2020 fitness goals this year. Your 2020 success demands on how well you choose and maintain your 2020 fitness goals!


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Motivation To Step Out Of Comfort Zone

Motivation To Step Out Of Comfort Zone is helpful for those looking to grow! However, often times when looking for motivation to step out of comfort zone we are presented with overwhelming advice to “jump off the deep end” and go for it. Today’s video offers more of a simple approach to step out of your comfort zone.