Forward Head Posture Fix

Forward Head Posture Fix goes over what causes a forward head posture and how to fix it. This forward head posture fix only requires a wall and is essential for jobs such as desk workers or truck drivers. Release chronic tension off your cervical spine with this simple forward head posture fix!


Here’s how you can strengthen your rotator cuff muscles at the gym!:

Is It Good To Workout At Night

“Is It Good To Workout At Night?” is a common question for many who have time to exercise at night. The more important question, however, is SUSTAINABILITY when determining is it good to workout at night. Today’s video goes over how to get the most out of a good workout at night.


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Resistance Band vs Weights

Resistance Band vs Weights is a common decision for many weight lifter alike to choose from. The great news is that there are benefits to both a resistance band and free weights, allowing you to use both to your advantage. Today we finally settle the resistance band vs weights discussion to determine which is best for your fitness goals!

How To Make Friends At The Gym

How To Make Friends At The Gym is an essential part to fitness success! No one achieves success on their own and so learning how to make friends at the gym can help keep you accountable among others benefits. Learning how to make friends at the gym is easier than you think with these easy steps!

How To Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out

How To Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out is something that many bodybuilders aren’t aware of (unfortunately). Life interferes with all of our bodybuilding routines from time to time and knowing how to prevent muscle loss when not working out will help preserve our gains! Today I’ll cover why muscle loss happens and what you can do to prevent muscle loss during inactivity.

How To Get Motivated To Workout Again

How To Get Motivated To Workout Again is something that many people of all ages are faced with! Today’s video covers basic steps you can take on how to get motivated to workout again (even if you’re over 50!)



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The importance of Staying in your Lane:


Start Small and Build Healthy Habits!:


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Break Sugar Addiction!

Break Sugar Addiction with these simple tips and tricks! In order to break sugar addiction it’s important to have a plan in place. Thus, the key to break sugar addiction is to start off SMALL (contrary to quitting cold turkey). Today’s video will help get you on the right track to break sugar addiction.

Different Bicep Exercises

Different Bicep Exercises provides tips and strategies on different ways to target your bicep. Targeting our muscles with different bicep exercises allows optimum growth for our bicep muscles. Today’s video covers the different bicep exercises I do to target the bicep at different angles.

How To Get More Cardiovascular Endurance

How To Get More Cardiovascular Endurance is a key aspect of weight loss and overall fitness. Today’s video discusses why we get tired during certain activities, and how to build endurance between multiple tasks. If you want a more well-rounded lifestyle it starts with learning how to get more cardiovascular endurance.