Welcome to Daily Fit Boost!

Imagine you and I are about to eat at a restaurant and I stare at my plate and say “man I’m starving!”  Your response would most likely be something along the lines of: “then eat!” 


However, what would you say if I continued to express my hunger for the next 15-minutes without touching my food? You’d basically come to the conclusion that I wasn’t as hungry as I claimed.


This example correlates with people who say they want to exercise and lose weight – yet never take any action! Unfortunately, these people will always find an excuse.


Thankfully, that’s not you though because you’re here.


And now that you’re here, my mission is to turn your motivation into action – one day at a time.

Daily Fit Boost is uniquely designed for those:

  • looking for a place to start their fitness journey
  • frustrated with weight loss “fads” and failed diets
  • lacking inspiration to workout
  • in need of daily structure
  • who can’t afford personal training
  • wanting to learn how to use different equipment and machines, properly and safely
  • too shy or intimidated to workout in public
  • wanting to actively keep up with the grand-kids
  • who don’t have an equally motivated workout partner


Ultimately, Daily Fit Boost is for those in need of help, not an excuse. My goal for you is simple:


To help gradually grow you into the strongest version of yourself.


Look, I get it. Change isn’t always easy and lifestyle changes don’t always come right away. However, as your online Wellness Coach I promise to keep things as fun and straightforward for you as possible, regardless of your experience.


Daily Fit Boost is designed to do exactly what it says: bring you a Boost, of Fitness, each Day 🙂

So if you’re ready, let’s eat!