Tuesday Tutorial's

The Pros And Cons Of Having A Workout Partner

The Pros And Cons Of Having A Workout Partner is something that everyone should consider along their fitness journeys. Today I’ll give you some options to consider when determining the pros and cons of having a workout partner. At the end of the day, the correct answer is whichever option keeps you consistent along your fitness journey!

Tuesday Tutorial's

How To Get Back In The Gym

How To Get Back In The Gym after taking time off is not a easy task – but no worries I got you covered! In today’s video I provide 3 step-by-step fundamental tips on how to get back in the gym that will help build your confidence! The key is a sustainable fitness journey is a solid foundation and routine to help get you back in the gym.

Tuesday Tutorial's

Glycemic Index (What Is It?)

“Glycemic Index (What Is It?)” simplifies the GI Scale in a easy to understand way. One of the main uses of the Glycemic Index scale is to figure out which foods will increase our blood sugar the most. Today’s video “Glycemic Index (What Is It?)” covers why the GI scale is important for diabetics, plus examples on how this Glycemic Index can be used towards your daily energy and fitness goals!

Check out a GI Chart here! (click on the image to zoom-in): https://i.redd.it/j8c0f4j5lhi01.jpg

Tuesday Tutorial's

Muscle Hypertrophy Explained

Muscle Hypertrophy Explained goes into detail on how muscle grow with resistance training. Today I present a few key steps that will ensure muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) in every major muscle group that you train. You’ll be well equipped with muscle hypertrophy explained properly.

Tuesday Tutorial's

Stretch Tight Calf Muscles

Stretch Tight Calf Muscles in just seconds! The only thing required is a wall for you to lean against. Prevent injury, increase mobility, and promote proper joint alignment by learning how to stretch tight calf muscles.

Tuesday Tutorial's

Leg Extension Machine Bad?

Leg Extension Machine bad to use? There most certainly is a case of whether the leg extension machine bad ergonomics is safe for your knees or not. Today we discuss why the popular leg extension machine might not be safe for you, as well as other alternative exercises for your knees.

Tuesday Tutorial's

Belly Breathing For Anxiety

Belly Breathing For Anxiety is an essential way to calm your mind, reduce blood pressure, and much more! Today’s video goes over how to proper belly breathing for anxiety as opposed to improper “chest/shoulder” breathing. Belly breathing for anxiety will change the way you handle stress once and for all!

Tuesday Tutorial's

Counting Calories To Lose Weight

Counting Calories To Lose Weight has both pros and cons. Counting calories to lose weight is many ways to lose weight (caloric deficit). Today’s video will help you determine if counting calories to lose weight is right for you!

Tuesday Tutorial's

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Weight Loss

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Weight Loss goes over different ways to incorporate healthier food choices into your regular diet plan. I find that the best way to go about an anti-inflammatory diet weight loss is by gradually adding these anti-inflammatory foods into your regular diet.


Other anti-inflammatory foods include:


-sprouting broccoli














Check out others here!:


Tuesday Tutorial's

Active Lifestyle Tips!

Active Lifestyle Tips will keep you consistent along your fitness journey! In today’s video I share some active lifestyle tips while using myself as a current example of what I’m preaching. This advice and active lifestyle tips are sure to motivate you along on days where you’re not “feeling it”.