So You Don’t Know Where to Start… (#1)

So you’ve decided to embark upon a new daily exercise routine and today is Day 1. As you near the gym you begin going through your mental checklist:


Water bottle?








Comfortable workout shoes?




New gym membership?




But as you step foot inside the gym, you suddenly notice dozens of people walking around, stretching, and using funky looking equipment and you think to yourself


You’d be surprise how many first-timers gym users feel this way internally.


If you’ve had similar thoughts, I promise – you’re not alone! The overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start is something myself and many others have experienced our first time at the gym. Eventually, what worked for me was starting out with easy and familiar exercises. This kept me from feeling overwhelmed and fearful. My mindset at the time was simply:


‘Familiarity’ is key when first getting to the gym. Start with any exercise that easy for you to do!


Another way of saying this is to “become a master at what you already know”. Such a mindset helps calm your nerves when figuring out where to start at the gym.


For instance, if the treadmill is the only exercise machine that you’re familiar with, then start “treadmilling” away as if you’ve been doing it for years. Or perhaps you’d like to build muscles and the only exercise you’re familiar with are dumbbell curls. Your best bet is to walk right over to that dumbbell rack, pick up a suitable weight, and start curling away!


Walking on the treadmill is a great way to acclimate to any gym.


Not only does “mastering what you already know” help settle you down, it ultimately gives you that much needed sense of belonging in the gym.


Although it helps having a wider range of exercises down the line, you initially want to find your comfort zone. Comfort leads to confidence, and confidence will give you that “sense of belonging” you need in order to thrive!


“A little progress each day adds up to big results” -unknown


Key Takeaways:

  • We’ve all felt “lost” in the gym at one point
  • Become a master at what you already know: start easy and familiar
  • Being comfortable in the gym leads to confidence, confidence gives you a sense of belonging.

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