Riding Momentum To Your Goals! (#29)

Often times when we want to get started on a huge task (let say, losing weight) it’s very easy to get hung up on how long things will take. The term “paralysis by analysis” is a phenomena that occurs when one over-analyzes a situation to the point of not taking any action (eg. “what happens if I don’t lose any weight after 3 months?”). The reality is, you wont know what results you’ll have 3 months from now until you take today’s first step.



Therefore, the focus of today’s Monday Boost is to spur you into action by simply taking that first step!


Your momentum begins with a simple first step.


The Reason We Don’t Get Started

One component that keeps us from getting started is the psychological mechanism known as the “fight or flight” response. In short: Fear and anxiety causes us not to take a first step due to protecting one’s self. As a result, we never give ourselves the opportunity to grow and try something new (Note: This is also the environment in which the skill of procrastination, another fear-based mechanism, takes place).



So How Can I Get Out of this Fear-Based Over-Analyzing and Procrastination Emmanuel?!


Have you ever jogged down a slanted road, or slowly rode a bike downhill? The force that begins to “carry you” moments later is called MOMENTUM! This is exactly what I want for your fitness journey!



The key is: All momentum starts with one small step in the right direction.



And another step.



And then another.



Your journey is a collection of first steps… with each step being easier than the previous.



Before you know it, all these small daily steps (momentum) you’ve built over time begins carrying you to you goal! See how simple that is?


Take another look at the image for this post. I started with a light jog downhill and by the time this photo was snapped I was almost nearing full stride!


Now it’s YOUR turn:

Let go of any missed opportunities in the past by recognizing that procrastination is something that most people struggle with (myself included). Make a bold decision today to take small, tiny steps towards your goal each day and let’s ride that wave of momentum together!



Key Takeaways:

  • Over-analyzing leads to inactivity
  • All it takes is one step small step to get momentum started
  • Momentum is a collection of small steps over time

“Different Equipment, Different Goals”: Weight Lift Machines (#22)

Weight lift Machines: “Recommended for the Beginner”


Ah, the lovely weight lift machines.


Back when I did personal training at the gym I would always start new clients off with weight lift machines for a few good reasons. For one, weight lift machines are the easiest to use due to their controlled design. Not only does this helps minimize injury, but it also eliminates the likelihood of improper lifting form.


Another thing I appreciate about weight lift machines is that they usually carry visuals on the targeted body muscle group, as well as instructions on how to properly operate them. I’ve had clients in the past who’ve shared how they felt self-conscious about looking “silly” in front of people because they didn’t know what to do. The good thing about using these machines when starting off is that everything is set up for you to look like a gym pro right away!


Try starting with these! Here are five of the most common weight machines that you’ll find at just about any gym:


  • Bicep curl machine


  • Chest fly machine


    • Triceps press machine


      • Back row machine


        • Leg press machine


        Next: “Different Equipment, Different Goals”: Cables 


        Key Takeaways:


        • are ideal for beginners
        • easily lets you know which muscle group you’re activating
        • enables the gym novice to look good right away when first starting out


Non-weight Exercises (calisthenics) (#19)

Man doing abdominal workout

When designing this blog, I wanted to keep in mind those of us who don’t always have the time and money for a monthly gym membership. In this case, body weight exercises are the next best thing.


One of the more obvious benefits to body weight exercises is that you can do them anywhere without the need for any equipment. This particularly comes in handy when you find yourself traveling a lot with unpredictable schedules.



The following are a list of benefits for body weight exercises:


  • Helps maintain and establish lean muscle mass
  • Convenient and easy to modify
  • Safer on joints and ligaments
  • Smaller muscles get worked, along with larger groups of muscles simultaneously
  • Emphasizes core stabilization and balance
  • Use your own body for cardio



Personally, I like to use body weight exercises as a building block for other gym exercises. For instance, at one point I was doing hundreds of push-ups each day. Doing all of these push-ups didn’t necessarily make me look or feel much stronger right away. However, once I went back to lifting heavy weights at the gym again I noticed that my chest was able to handle a lot more strain than before!


The same thing started happening with my legs. I started practicing dozens of body weight squats at home and before I knew it I had established a firm foundation for squatting with heavy weights.


Building a strong fundamental keeps you process-minded and is essential for any task you take on in life.


Therefore, I encourage you to practice the following body weight exercises on your own!:


Lunges (legs):




Squats (legs/gluts):




Jumping Jacks (cardio exercise):




Bicycle crunches (abs/core strength):




Push-ups (chest):




Push-ups alternatives (beginner/easier):




Shoulder taps (chest/core stability):




Bridges (gluts/hip stability):



Planks (abs/core stability):



Scissor-kicks (abs):




Box Jumps (legs/cardio):




Superman holds! (back):





BONUS: Learn how to turn these workouts into a High Intensity Cardio Circuit!:


Key Takeaways:

  • Implementing body weight exercise routines are a great alternative to going to the gym
  • One of the main benefits to body weight exercises is that it is convenient and schedule-friendly
  • Body weight exercises are great for building a foundation for weight machines and heavier lifting

So You Don’t Know Where to Start… (#1)

So you’ve decided to embark upon a new daily exercise routine and today is Day 1. As you near the gym you begin going through your mental checklist:


Water bottle?








Comfortable workout shoes?




New gym membership?




But as you step foot inside the gym, you suddenly notice dozens of people walking around, stretching, and using funky looking equipment and you think to yourself


You’d be surprise how many first-timers gym users feel this way internally.


If you’ve had similar thoughts, I promise – you’re not alone! The overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start is something myself and many others have experienced our first time at the gym. Eventually, what worked for me was starting out with easy and familiar exercises. This kept me from feeling overwhelmed and fearful. My mindset at the time was simply:


‘Familiarity’ is key when first getting to the gym. Start with any exercise that easy for you to do!


Another way of saying this is to “become a master at what you already know”. Such a mindset helps calm your nerves when figuring out where to start at the gym.


For instance, if the treadmill is the only exercise machine that you’re familiar with, then start “treadmilling” away as if you’ve been doing it for years. Or perhaps you’d like to build muscles and the only exercise you’re familiar with are dumbbell curls. Your best bet is to walk right over to that dumbbell rack, pick up a suitable weight, and start curling away!


Walking on the treadmill is a great way to acclimate to any gym.


Not only does “mastering what you already know” help settle you down, it ultimately gives you that much needed sense of belonging in the gym.


Although it helps having a wider range of exercises down the line, you initially want to find your comfort zone. Comfort leads to confidence, and confidence will give you that “sense of belonging” you need in order to thrive!


“A little progress each day adds up to big results” -unknown


Key Takeaways:

  • We’ve all felt “lost” in the gym at one point
  • Become a master at what you already know: start easy and familiar
  • Being comfortable in the gym leads to confidence, confidence gives you a sense of belonging.

Friday’s “People Like You” Podcast: Adam Clark (Episode #34)

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This Episode is especially for you if you:

  • need gym accountability
  • are newcomer at the gym
  • struggle with weight loss
  • have a desire to inspire others



A SPECIAL THANKS: To Adam for coming on and sharing how he balances fitness in different areas of his life!

Friday’s “People Like You” Podcast: Corissa “Lulu” Alvarez (Episode #32)

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This Episode is especially for you if you:

  • struggle with weight gain,
  • don’t enjoy exercising,
  • need to “jump start” your fitness,
  • deal with emotional and mental stress



A SPECIAL THANKS: To Corissa for coming on and sharing ways for us to jumpstart our fitness – both mentally and emotionally!

Welcome to Daily Fit Boost!

Imagine you and I are about to eat at a restaurant and I stare at my plate and say “man I’m starving!”  Your response would most likely be something along the lines of: “then eat!” 


However, what would you say if I continued to express my hunger for the next 15-minutes without touching my food? You’d basically come to the conclusion that I wasn’t as hungry as I claimed.


This example correlates with people who say they want to exercise and lose weight – yet never take any action! Unfortunately, these people will always find an excuse.


Thankfully, that’s not you though because you’re here.


And now that you’re here, my mission is to turn your motivation into action – one day at a time.

Daily Fit Boost is uniquely designed for those:

  • looking for a place to start their fitness journey
  • frustrated with weight loss “fads” and failed diets
  • lacking inspiration to workout
  • in need of daily structure
  • who can’t afford personal training
  • wanting to learn how to use different equipment and machines, properly and safely
  • too shy or intimidated to workout in public
  • wanting to actively keep up with the grand-kids
  • who don’t have an equally motivated workout partner


Ultimately, Daily Fit Boost is for those in need of help, not an excuse. My goal for you is simple:


To help gradually grow you into the strongest version of yourself.


Look, I get it. Change isn’t always easy and lifestyle changes don’t always come right away. However, as your online Wellness Coach I promise to keep things as fun and straightforward for you as possible, regardless of your experience.


Daily Fit Boost is designed to do exactly what it says: bring you a Boost, of Fitness, each Day 🙂

So if you’re ready, let’s eat!