Friday’s “People Like You” Podcast: Uyi Aisueni (Episode #24)

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This Episode is especially for you if you:

  • want to lose (and keep off) weight,
  • struggle with bad eating habits,
  • are a busy school student,
  • need more “lifestyle balance”



A SPECIAL THANKS: To Uyi for coming on and sharing about his weight loss journey and how he’s been able to keep it off!

“Why Is It Hard For Me To Lose Weight?”

“Why Is It Hard For Me To Lose Weight” is a question many of us find ourselves asking after failing to lose weight over time. Though there are various reasons why it’s hard to lose weight, today’s video goes over two common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight. Fixing these two common mistakes is the first step in conquering this ongoing battle to lose weight.

Volumetrics Diet Plan

Volumetrics Diet Plan is an extremely simple and sustainable way to eat for weight loss! The best part of the volumetrics diet plan is that it is non-restrictive and can be used anywhere. In today’s video I give you an example of what the volumetrics diet plan looks like while eating as a restaurant.

Calorie Deficit Weight Loss

Calorie Deficit Weight Loss is the ONLY proven way to lose weight – regardless of diet. Weight loss is simple: eat less calories than you burn. Today’s video covers the importance of staying full while eating for a calorie deficit weight loss.

Best Cardio For Weight Loss?

Best Cardio For Weight Loss is determined by several factors. When searching for the best cardio for weight loss it’s not about what works best for others but what works best for YOU! In today’s video I go over if the best cardio for weight loss is in the gym or with outdoor activities.