Water: Your Exercise Fuel (#16)

Man drinking water

In life we know that certain functions rely on specific resources: cars need wheels, cellphones need batteries, kites need wind, trains need tracks, peanut butter needs jelly – and humans need water.


If our bodies act as complex machines then water is our “exercise fuel”. 


Not only is drinking water essential for daily exercise and personal development, it also makes up about 65-75% of our bodies. Keeping hydrated helps our body with important functions such as:


  • Regulating body temperature
  • Lubricating joints
  • Aiding in digestion
  • Taking stress off your kidney and liver
  • Carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • Protecting your tissues, spinal cord and joints
  • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue
  • Flushes Out Toxins
  • Increase metabolism


Digestion, stress relief, and alertness are one of the few benefits of drinking water regularly.


If you recall, drinking water is also one of the smarter ways to lose weight. Here are some other drinking tips:


  • Try to consume at least 2 liters each day.
  • Drink a glass before each meal to ensure that you feel more “full” after your meal.
  • Try replacing calorie-filled drinks with water. If it tastes too “boring”, try adding a slice of lemon. The nutrients in lemons also helps to reduce food cravings.
  • Drink it ICE COLD! When we drink cold liquids, our bodies have to work harder to warm these fluids to body temperature. This process burns calories for you!
  • Be sure to remain hydrated when you’re exercising and hitting the gym. This allows you to work out longer and harder, and prevents muscle cramps and fatigue.
  • Use your urine as an intake indicator. It your urine color isn’t close to clear you’re not drinking enough.
  • Herbal teas (decaffeinated) are another beverage to compliment your water intake.


Be sure to remain hydrated when you’re exercising and hitting the gym!


In the realm of health and fitness, our bodies require this “exercise fuel” in order to function efficiently. Therefore, challenge yourself to stay properly hydrated every day of your journey!


Key Takeaways:

  • Water is our “exercise fuel”
  • Try to consume about 2 liters each day
  • Staying hydrated helps prevent cramps and fatigue while working out

Guilt-Free Eating: Weight Loss Hacks! (#15)

Man with healthy food.

How often have you witnessed frustration over weight loss progress?


Most diet plans fail because they’re simply not sustainable, leaving many disappointed. The reason I never promote “dieting” or restriction of any kind is because of the vicious cycle that it creates. Many people feel guilt once they inevitably fail at keeping a strict diet. This guilt, of course, leads to an indulgence on the very food they tried not to eat (ie. comfort eating).


Weight loss isn’t so much about what you eat, it’s about how much you eat.


And the key to knowing how much to eat is by learning when our bodies have become satisfied.



Therefore, in an effort to promote guilt-free eating here are a few “weight loss hacks” on how to eat smarter while still enjoying the foods we all love:


  • Eat slower each meal
  • Drink a glass of water right before each meal
  • Splitting each meal in half (turning 3 meals into 6 smaller meals) helps keep your metabolism going and while keeping you fuller throughout the day
  • Try eating a small bowl of salad with each meal to keep fuller
  • Try drinking at least 2-3 liters of water to help ignite metabolism, proper digestion, and staying full between meals
  • Remember, calories are not just limited to food! To save calories, try substituting soft drinks, juices, and other sugar-filled liquids with water or tea every once in a while
  • There’s a difference between eating to where you’re “full” and eating until you’re satisfied. This can simply be address by listening to your body.
  • Try putting your fork or utensil down after every bite
  • A bag of chips has 1,200 calories and doesn’t fill you up. An apple has 95 calories and fills you up way faster (fiber). Eat the apple, first.
  • BONUS TIP: A friend once recommended eating with your non-dominate hand! Not only is this a fun, quirky challenge but more importantly you’ll feel less inclined to overeat.


Weight loss takes time! Celebrate any and every milestone along your Fitness Journey.


Notice how most of these tips are centered on feeling satisfied after eating. If you currently feel overweight, this means you currently have an opportunity to eat smarter (not stricter!) These eating tips don’t take a ton of effort to keep you feeling satisfied, so why not give it a try?


Commit to eating smarter today and enjoy your food, guilt-free.


Key Takeaways:

  • Many diets fail due to non-sustainable restrictions.
  • Strict diets send people into a vicious cycle of guilt
  • The key to knowing how much to eat is by learning when our bodies have become ‘satisfied’.
  • Focus on stopping when “satisfied” to lose weight

Friday’s “People Like You” Podcast: Keri Witmyer (Episode #27)

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A SPECIAL THANKS: To Keri for coming on and teaching us how to make better food choices!

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