“Let’s Make Exercise FUN Again!” (#30)

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to stick to something that you don’t enjoy doing? Throughout my professional career I’ve encountered many people who actually want to exercise, but simply don’t find it enjoyable. What’s interesting, however, is that I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy the benefits of regular exercise (eg. better sleep, less stress, mental focus). So today I’ll go over a few ways you can enjoy regular exercise and enjoy the benefits as well!


Exercise can look different when you’re having fun 🙂



If I’m to be honest, I’ve gone through seasons in my life where I didn’t enjoy working out. I enjoyed benefits of working out, just not the process. Then one day it finally dawned on me:



people only stick to things they enjoy doing 🙂 



From that moment on I made the decision to only focus on exercises that I enjoy doing.


For instance, with cardio I prefer running instead of doing “burpee” exercises because I hate doing burpees. In the same way, whenever I run it’s always outside because running on a treadmill is too boring for me. The key is that whether I do 100 burpees, run outside, or run on a treadmill – I’m still enjoying the benefits of cardio.





The beauty of exercise is that it’s broad. It’s so easy to forget that exercise is not just limited to the gym, weights, and 2-hour workouts. I actually had a friend once tell me: “Emmanuel I simply don’t workout anymore because I find it boring. I love racquetball though, I could play it for hours”. Little did my friend know that playing racquetball IS his workout! Perhaps he didn’t realize this all along because he finds racquetball so effortlessly enjoyable.


In the same way I issue you this exactly challenge. I challenge you to find at least one activity that you enjoy doing so much that it doesn’t seem like exercise.


Because at the end of the day, exercise is nothing more than moving while having fun”!


Key Takeaways:

  • Going through seasons where you don’t feel like working out is normal
  • Exercise isn’t limited to just the gym
  • Find something that you enjoy doing that doesn’t seem like exercise







“Different Equipment, Different Goals”: Cables (#23)

Cables Machines: “Stabilization and Control”


Although I utilize all three types of exercise equipment, cable machines are hands down my favorite! If you’re new to working out I recommend cables as a great way to mix up your routine. I look at cables machines as the intermediate bridge between novice stationary machines and advanced free weights. Cable machines are different in that they offer a unique combination of strength, stability and control.


Most cable machines come with detachable hooks to work out the same muscle group at multiple angles. Generally speaking, cables are mostly used for upper body and core exercises, but with some creativity you can even utilize cable machines for your legs as well. These machines differ from other weights in that the focus is solely on muscular endurance, that is, cables are ideal for anyone whose goal is to remain physically active.


Cable machines are different in that they offer a unique combination of strength, stability and control.


When utilizing cable weights, the emphasis is usually on “high repetitions-low weight”. This allows the user to gain quality contractions without placing as much strain on the joints and ligaments. This is particularly significant for those who are either rehabbing an injury or getting older in age. When used correctly, cables can be a great way to stay lean and fit without having to worry about injuries down the line.


Try starting with these! Here are six of the most common cable exercises that you do in just about any gym :


    • Bicep cable curls



    • Triceps cable pull-downs


    • Chest fly cables



    • Back rows cables



    • Shoulder press



    • Cable squats



    Next: “Different Equipment, Different Goals”: Free Weights

    Key Takeaways:


    • offer a unique combination of strength, stability and control
    • emphasizes higher repetitions and lower weights
    • ideal for older population and rehab patients

Mini Habits! (#21)

You and I are creatures of habits. It’s amazing how many decisions are made in our daily lives without thinking. Some studies even show that subconscious habit makes up 40% of our daily actions! Therefore, in order to keep that ‘40%’ full of healthy actions we’ll discuss how to change unhealthy habits with “mini habits”.


One misconception about habits is that they take a lot of effort to build, but I disagree. Nature shows us that a small snowball rolling downhill will eventually get bigger and stronger with enough momentum. The snowball doesn’t require much “effort” once it gets going. In the same way, we’ll use effortless mini habits to build daily momentum towards our goals.



A small snowball (mini habit) doesn’t require much effort once momentum kicks in.



There’s a saying that goes “success is built upon success”. Fortunately this quote never mentions how big the success has to be! Think of a mini-habit as a daily task towards your goal that’s SO simple that it’s hard not to do it every day. For instance:


  • If your goal is to improve your gym consistency, start a mini habit of driving past your local gym on the way home each day (nothing more!)
  • If you want to build a strong core, start a mini habit of simply laying in sit-up position on the ground for a few seconds (yep! that’s it!)
  • If you want to drink more water each day, start a mini habit of simply filling up a water bottle (I didn’t even say you had to drink it!)


“Great! But isn’t this a little TOO simple…what’s the catch?”


Mini habits are designed to get you comfortable with taking the first step towards your new goal (a healthier habit).



Therefore, these too-easy-not-to-do mini-habits simply serve as your “daily bare minimum” accomplishment for the day. However, I assure you it won’t be long before you naturally feel compelled to do more simply because you “might as well”. You’ll figure:


  • “I’m already driving by the gym each day (mini habit accomplished), I might as well go inside on the treadmill for a couple minutes”
  • “I’m already down here in sit-up position (mini habit accomplished), I might as well do a couple”
  • “I’ve already filled my water bottle (mini habit accomplished), I might as well drink some”


Remember: The “mini habit accomplished” is your main goal, anything else is an extra bonus.

The power of a simplistic habit checklist goes a long way.


Furthermore, I would seriously recommend making your momentum visible by utilizing a journal or checklist calendar. Keeping track of your progress this way is a great way to see your “success building upon itself”. Seeing your daily momentum gives yourself a satisfying sense of accomplishment every day. The longer your daily “success streak” gets, the more you’ll want to keep it alive.


And boom – you’ve just created discipline without even realizing it.

Let’s get that snowball rollin 🙂


Key Takeaway:

  • New habits are best acquired through daily momentum
  • Daily momentum is best sustained through simple, mini habits
  • A mini-habit (baby step) is something that’s too-easy-not-to-do
  • Keep track of your daily progress in a journal or calendar checklist

New Routine (#12)

Man bored at gym.

When I first started out at the gym my main focus was figuring out where to start. However, it wasn’t long before I noticed myself doing the same routine exercises. I needed a new routine to not only grow, but to also make my exercise more enjoyable. As it turns out:


Being stuck in an old routine prevents you from trying anything new.


If you’ve been looking or feeling like this lately, it’s probably time to switch up your routine.


Our brains function off habits which is why we have no problem adapting to routines. The downside to this, however, is that doing the same exercises ultimately decrease the effectiveness of our workouts.


Therefore, the more you switch things up, the more effective your workout becomes

Not only is switching up routine more fun, it also helps our body move in many new ways!


For instance, performing multiple styles of biceps curls will develop your arms better than any one exercise. In the same way, using different cardio equipment forces your body to work in various ways to effectively burn calories.


FIT BOOST CHALLENGE: Developing a diverse “Exercise Library” is a great way to keep your new routine effective and fun! Each week try to incorporate one new exercise or machine that you’re not familiar with. The goal is to build confidence by trying whatever is new to you. BONUS: This is also a great opportunity for you to journal your progress along the way.


As you become “comfortable with the unknown” you’ll soon notice how much fun your gym experience can be!


Key Takeaways:

  • Being stuck in an old routine prevents you from trying anything new
  • Switch up from your normal exercises for a more effective workout
  • Learning new exercises increases confidence

Why Exercise? (Exercise Incentives) (#2)

Throughout the years I’ve learned to look at my exercise routine as a daily journey. The past several years of my exercise journey have taught me key values like discipline, consistency and mental focus, as well as a comprehensive understanding of how our body works. These exercise incentives have taught me the value of regular exercise.


This questions unlocks the key to you enjoying your lifelong fitness journey.


Excellent question! People have all sorts of exercise incentives: to fit into that wedding dress they love, a desire to feel stronger, to gain more confidence, to clear one’s head after a long day of work – the list goes on. So with that, I’m going to answer the above question with another question:


How does keeping good health impact the things that are most meaningful to you in life?

Your health affects not only yourself, but also your family, friends, and loved ones.


For instance:

    • Does the ability to squat down and play with your grand-kids someday have any meaning to you?
    • How about feeling more energetic throughout your work day?
    • Do you want to be able to sleep better at night before those big business meetings in the mornings?
    • How about a stress release at the end of a long work day?
    • How important is your health for those home & gardening projects you love so much?


Here’s the key: We’ll only commit to a purpose if it adds value and meaning to our lives.


Stop and write down the things that are important to you in life. Really think about it. Your exercise incentives are personalized to you.


Keeping others in mind while exercising puts you into a different mindset.


Whether it’s family, business, hobbies, or personal well-being, there are exercise incentives in just about every area of our lives. This is why it’s so important to constantly remind ourselves of what (or whom) we’re exercising for. Doing so also keeps us consistent on our journey at times where we don’t feel like working out.


Here are some additional exercise incentives:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Oxygenated body
  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Improved memory
  • Decreased stress


Even if you’ve been putting off exercise for a while – don’t worry about it! Instead, recognize today as a new day and start celebrating the beginning of a new YOU!


Key takeaways:

  • Your health impacts the quality of those things which are valuable and meaningful to you in life
  • Your exercise incentives are unique and personalized to you
  • It’s important to constantly remind ourselves of what (or whom) we’re exercising for

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